This outdoor elevated hutch from PawHut is perfect for housing rabbits, guinea pigs and similar-sized animals. The two-level house is cosy, gives them room to move around. Doors can be locked for safety. Features a slide-out tray and opening roof and doors, allowing you to get inside easily to clean and refill. It’s made from natural fir wood for a tough structure and coated with paint for extra protection to the wood. Finished with a tilt roof which is covered in asphalt.Features:Bolts on outside door to safely lockSolid fir wood frame for a tough structure, with water-resistant paint for protectionTilted roof prevents water build-up. Asphalt covering to help stop water leaking insideGalvanised wire panels allows air insideRemovable slide-out tray for easy and quick cleaningElevated design keeps away from direct groundSuitable for two rabbits, assembly requiredSpecification:Color: NaturalMaterial: Fir WoodOverall Dimensions: 102L x 56W x 85H cmMain House Size: 102L x 56W x 63H cmDoor Size: 32L x 48W cmTray Size: 92L x 49W cmLeg Height: 22 cmNOTE: Suitable for about 2 rabbits. Buyer to determine the amount of pets that will fit in the hutch depending on breed and size.